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A dental implant is typically a titanium screw or pin that is placed into the bone of your jaw and then once the implant has ossified it is used to either anchor a denture or provide a solid base for an artificial tooth.

Over the last few years the success rates of implants have increased greatly and although still considered expensive it is within the reach of many Canadians.

Top Benefits of Dental Implants:

Brånemark® System Mk III groovy

Dental implants can aid in preserving the healthy adjacent teeth to the missing one. One of the ways that dental implants do this is by eliminating the need to use adjacent teeth to anchor bridgework.

Dental implants will help preserve your jawbone and your facial structure. Unlike dentures, there isn't the bone loss under the gum.

Dental implants that anchor dentures work to alleviate a number of the problems that denture wearers face. A well anchored denture will not slip or tilt and those are the common causes of sores along the gum. Well anchored dentures also mean you will have the confidence to not worry about potentially embarassing moments.

Dental implants whether to replace a tooth or to anchor dentures can result in improved speech. Your facial muscles will not have to be tense in order to hold the denture in place. No more slurring or mumbling or clicking noises.

Dental implants will restore your ability to eat with confidence and enjoy the taste of food. Upper dentures in particular inhibit your ability to tast food since they cover much of the palate.

Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth, this results in improved appearance  and confidence  which,  improves your self-esteem.

Due to the high success rate of implants, you can realize a lifetime of benefit.

Dental Implants are hygenic, meaning that they are cleaned just like a natural tooth.

Dental Implants do not decay like normal teeth.

Less opportunity for periodontal disease.  After your offending tooth or teeth are removed the environment in that region of the gum improves. Implants typically show less plaque and tartar buildup which can lead to disease.






Implant Principle - Image courtesy Nobel Biocare
Implant principle - Brånemark System® dental implant with crown - drawing of the principle of dental implant with biological bond to jaw bone (osseointegration)

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